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Hi, I'm nic, short for nicole.
I don't ever capitalise my name properly, except during exams, and it pisses my teachers off.

1) I'm socially inept and even a piece of paper can make friends better than I can.

2) I dislike math and chinese homework, and would rather daydream all day.

3) I am noisy and cannot even stfu for two seconds.

4) I'm crazy. Almost all of the time.

5) I'm short-tempered, and have moodswings out of nowhere.

6) I have a voice that sounds like something that's dying or seriously injured.

7) My sense of humor is practically non-existant and warped in various disturbing levels.

8) I'm extremely shameless in praising myself.

9) I'm weird.

10) Did I mention the nails and blood fetish?

11) I am a sadist.

12) I'm a blunt and straightforward person, but I don't like hurting people's feelings, so before I post anything online, or say anything, I think it through carefully.

13) I like the number 13. A lot.

That's me 8DDD

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